Introducing the world of Benedict Raven

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Introducing the world of Benedict Raven
26th September 2018
The Journal
James Kingston

An exclusive, luxury British brand dedicated to clothing the modern man in style and sophistication.

The world of Benedict Raven has finally been revealed, and it is most definitely worth the wait sir.


Benedict Raven has been created by entrepreneur James Kingston.  It was in March 2017 James started working with fashion designers and experts to create a brand that truly represented and inspires the modern man, to look great and feel confident any time, anywhere.

Benedict Raven represents a character that we all have inside of us;, the kind of man we all aspire to become. A successful, true gentleman with character, a strong moral compass and limitless potential who can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

Aim high, fly higher.

What makes our clothing special or different?

All our clothing is made in limited numbers, while our timeless yet contemporary designs blend character and elegance, reflecting our principles that a true man’s strength is in his character .

Each garment is designed to appeal to those who share a passion for style paired with luxury and usability. Our clothing is crafted with care to serve as the core for your ensemble and become the must-have items in your wardrobe.

We have expertly sourced the finest fabrics from around the world and combined them with timeless design to create the Benedict Raven collection.

Benedict Raven’s goal is to be a part of your journey through the lifestyle that you aspire to lead as a truly modern gentleman. Benedict Raven’s first collection, Timeless, combines ageless design with contemporary style. Sophistication and simplicity is the core to our clothing.

The collection can only be purchased online or at exclusive shows and events across the UK.

Discover the range in our shop now, or visit our social media to see our clothing showcased by those who share their stories. View @benedictravenuk across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see the world of potential ahead.

This first collection is but a mere glance into the world of Benedict Raven. Our adventure continues, while our world expands, with future collections coming soon.

Thank you for taking the first step into our world. For full access to the latest products as they land, the latest trends and member-only offers, sign up to our newsletter today and be the first to join us on this incredible journey.