New Year. New Style. New You

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New Year. New Style. New You
17th January 2019
The Journal
James Kingston

January, the beginning of new trends, new resolutions, and (for some) new careers. In a world where style is paramount for men, first impressions count more than ever. So, whether it’s impressing at that all-important job interview, looking your sexy best for your first hot date of the year, or simply being your Gran’s plus-one for that Sunday family lunch, it’s important to get your sartorial choices spot-on.

Settled into 2019 some of us eagerly await to hear back from that application we did before the Christmas break. Interview day arrives. Now, what to wear? Interviews are daunting for all of us, by putting effort into your outfit you will make an impression that matters. Research has shown that potential employers take thirty seconds to gauge who you are, so make it count. The most common indicator of who you are and what you stand for are the clothes you choose. Thirty seconds is all you have, and we can help you get it right.

Combine the Ascot grey blazer with a crisp Chelsea white shirt and the Eton V neck in grey melange to get that timeless elegance required for interviews. The mix of soft textured wool against the clean lines of a well ironed cotton shirt give you that much required edge.

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So, the interview was a resounding success. The moment has come. Tomorrow you start your new career. Your bed is strewn with different opposing options: the casual chino, the classic navy two piece, or something different and, dare I say, dashing?

The Ascot blazer in grey, navy Chelsea shirt and classic blue slim fit jeans fuse professionalism with an approachable persona. The subtle feathered jacquard of the blue shirt stops any over-formal potential, and instead reveals your true self.

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Amongst the goal of getting a new job, you might also have your sadly-lacking love life on your mind. With the weekend on the horizon, you make a hastily arranged date in a salubrious new bar in town. Fine dining might be on the cards too, so you are going to need something extra special for this one.

Opt for the Eton V neck in black and pair with the sleek Kensington blazer. The flattering silhouette of the V neck and the ability to show off a bit of chest hair are a great combination for that first hot date. Complement this look with black Clifton denim for a polished finish.

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Despite most of the country seemingly opting for a ‘Dry January’, you’ve been invited to a work’s drinks event by new colleagues. Thanks to your dynamic style you have become the man to know, but now you must prove your worth in the voracious world of business. The most important aspect of a night out with people to impress is to be comfortable. Being yourself is difficult if you constantly have to rearrange a poorly fitted garment. Put an end to that before the discomfort spoils a good evening.

The Soho roll neck in black paired with black Clifton jeans will give you that vital comfort. Merino has been adored for hundreds of years due to its superbly soft quality and versatility. Not only soft, it oozes class and elegance with a contemporary flair, sure to guarantee to your colleagues that you are a true gentleman.

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You may have set yourself a final goal to see family more as part of your new 2019 resolutions. Your Grandmother, who you haven’t seen for months is chiding your reluctance to visit, but with your folks admonishing your lousy time keeping – it’s time to make a dazzling entrance for that Sunday lunch at the country pub near your hometown. You have that smart casual look in mind.

The Henley long sleeve polo in oatmeal offers a sophisticated approach to casual dressing that adds subtle finesse to compliment your frame. Pair with blue jeans for that casual luxury style.

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You now have the ideas and wherewithal to make these essential style changes and become the new you. The Benedict Raven sale is now on, so grab yourself some classic style and a quality wardrobe that will last. 2019 is waiting for you, make it your own.

Words by the Benedict Raven team.