How To Dress For Date Night

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How To Dress For Date Night
14th February 2019
The Journal
James Kingston

February, the time when one starts to feel in the mood for love, or even time to reflect on one’s own sartorial choices for date night. Of course, it all depends on the occasion, location, and mood. So, we have put together four different scenarios, and looks to inspire you for romancing.

Fancy Dinner

So, you took the plunge and decided to book a table at an exclusive restaurant for some fine dining. There’s definitely lots to think about, and this isn’t just your casual lunch with a friend. With three decadent courses ahead of you, you’re going to want to put comfort high on the list of choices, but remain smart and respectful to fellow diners and of course your date too.

Your cab arrives and you are just putting the finishing touches to your well-groomed facial hair after spritzing your fragrance of choice. Grab the navy Kensington blazer that you have wisely chosen for the occasion, as you head for the door you can feel your fitted blue jeans grip around your freshly worked out thighs, and you’re confident this may work to your advantage. The oatmeal roll neck underneath the blazer will be what keeps this look casual but smart. Now footwear, prepped and polished well in advance, slip in to those all wear with everything suede loafers.

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Cocktail Evening

Papers are rustling, lids are clicking back onto pens and desk draws are slamming shut, it must be coming up to 5 o’clock in the office, and you have a cocktail date lined up.

You check your shirt for coffee stains and give it a once over with your lint roller. The finesse of your navy Chelsea shirt that, with its tonal feather jacquard is perfect for a cocktail soiree, and its slim fit will make for a seamless transition from desk to date night. Having accompanied the shirt with the Clifton slick black jeans, the outfit speaks for itself and there isn’t much else to prepare, except give your hair and face the once over.

Finally, reach for the cologne that you packed in your briefcase and give it a few sprays. OK, maybe one or two more!

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Movie Night and Dinner In

It’s time for some Netflix and Chill but not as you know it, for this movie night you’ve really pushed the boat out. Champagne is chilling and a lavish meal is in the oven. You have a special someone coming over for dinner, and a carefully selected movie to sit through before (hopefully) moving on to the most anticipated phase your date.

Opt for our black Henley long sleeve polo paired with the indigo slim leg jeans. Simple yet effective. Crafted from supremely soft merino, the Henley polo will offer that sophisticated effortless look you desire. You’ll want to keep the standards high, as this is a third date and you are keen to secure a fourth and many more after that.

So, dinner was a resounding success, with dessert being the show stopper. Now, as the movie credits start to roll, let the magic begin.

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Casual Sunday Stroll

You wanted a more casual date to impress your outdoor loving, very new, love interest so decided to plan a romantic stroll on a well-researched route. Grab a couple of coffees to go and then go and enjoy the winter sun.

Now that you have finalised a perfectly planned afternoon, you need a perfectly selected outfit to match. What’s needed, gents, is a combination of luxury style and casual practicality. The Eton v neck in grey and your wardrobe staple, the black jeans, will provide you with just that.  The cherry on the top? An expertly cut Ascot blazer in blue.

To make sure it goes the ‘right way’ grooming is key. You’re a fan of the three-day stubble, so with a quick tidy up, you’re ready to go and meet Now that you’re on point with your style, there is no excuse not to be your best, confident self.

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Sir, a final note to you. Whichever way you choose to woo your date, remember nothing goes unnoticed. Don’t forget the finishing touches. Clean nails; check. Cologne; check. Styled hair and groomed facial hair; check. Timeless classics and you’re good to go.

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