Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen

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Rosa Fay 9745 500x500 - Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen
Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen
26th April 2019
The Journal
James Kingston

Picking the right timepiece can be a lengthy process, after all the watch is usually the accessory that says the most about you. We have collated our top five luxurious watches for you to indulge yourself with. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a swimmer (on occasion), a high-speed motorist or simply a modern gentleman, we have the perfect watch for you. 

Chopard, L.U.C All-in-One 

It shines bright in the night and will catch the eye of anyone who passes you by, gentlemen we give you The L.U.C All in One, by Chopard. This spectacular timepiece coated with 18-carat rose gold and set on a gorgeous luxury brown leather strap, is just pure perfection. The face features many an indication; a tourbillon, sunrise and sunset times and astronomical moon phase. Could this be the signature piece you have been waiting for to complete your luxury style. Go on, it’s time to stand out. 

Chopard LUC - Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen

Rolex, Daytona

Calling all racing fans. Yes, it’s that time, the Rolex Daytona is begging for you to take it for a spin. Originally designed to meet the demands of racing drivers amongst the world of high-performance motor sport, this is the choice for the man who likes to live life in the fast lane. Many years have gone by since the arrival of this glorious masterpiece, yet it remains our top pick amongst other sports watches on the market. One of the handy features to this work of art is that it can measure elapsed time and read average speeds. You will never be alone again whilst on the breath-taking track road.

rolex daytona 1024x1024 - Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen

George Daniel, Co-Axial Chronograph 

Drum roll if you please, George Daniel, considered to be the greatest watchmaker of the last 250 years, has his extraordinary timepiece to tease us with. If you can get your hands on one you are one lucky fellow. We are talking top end price for one of these rare breeds of timepiece. It’s eludes pure elegance and hidden amongst the design are layers of incredible engineering. Its 18K yellow gold body holds a four-minute tourbillon within its casing. This timepiece is one of true symmetry, with three different indicators placed at 12’oclock, 4’oclock and 8’oclock, accounting for it’s easy on the eye aesthetic. An auction held at Sotheby’s beholding the watch in 2012, wowed the crowds selling for a whopping 385,250 GBP, and now with the watch heading for private collections (if you get the opportunity too) it really is the time for lapping up its luxury qualities. 

George Daniel Co Axial Chronograph 789x1024 - Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen

Bremont, Supersonic

Once upon a time (50 years ago, give or take) Concorde soared through our skies, faster than a rifle bullet enabling passengers to travel with the mile-high club at twice the speed of sound. Bremont being the king of the airways when it comes to watches, has launched its Supersonic timepiece. What a better way to celebrate the beautiful Aircrafts Anniversary of 50 than to design a watch after her. The luxury Bremont piece has been designed incorporating parts from the jet itself- and yes it will go down in history just like the iconic Concorde. Strap in and take to the skies with this wonderful piece of machinery, you won’t look back on this investment. With three amazing materials in which you can buy the watch and three luxury coloured straps to choose from, there really isn’t much more to say. 

Bremont Supersonic - Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen

Patek Philippe, Perpetual Calendar 

Now, we take you back in time, to 1839 when Patek Philippe, the brand, was created and there began a journey of jaw dropping watch design along with heritage that will be remembered for many years to come. Back in 2019, Patek Philippe shows no sign of slowing down. So, what’s so special about this particular time piece you ask? New to the Patek collection, its scalloped lungs are a pure stand out feature and will turn heads at any an important social gathering. Finished with the application of Breguet numerals, inspired from the Breguet watches which go back even further, this wrist accessory boasts a wealth of history. You won’t miss the blue sunburst dial either, this is one of its most stand out and elegant touches. The deluxe gold hue, and self-winding feature ensures this really is a great choice for you, Sir. 

patek - Five Luxurious Watches Suitable For The High-flying Gentlemen