How to Master Working From Home in Style?

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How to Master Working From Home in Style?
16th November 2020
The Journal
James Kingston
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With lockdown 2.0 in full swing, everyone is spending 99% of their time at home. Without the company of others, it’s easy to slump into the slob attire while being restricted to our 4 walls. This habit can spiral into answering zoom calls sat up in bed and can start to leave you feeling dishevelled.

So, what can you do to avoid “slob style”?

Psychologically, failing to dress everyday can have a negative impact on our mental health and energy. Getting dressed signals to your brain you are in different mode to sleep mode and allows your motivation to increase every morning. For those of us working remotely, separating your relax time and work time is more productive and allows your performance at the home office to be at its best. Even if you’re in furlough mode, having a positive routine to make an effort to look great, you’ll feel great.

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Getting dressed in a 3 piece during lockdown is a little OTT. Casual comfort is key to locking down in style. However, this must be upgraded from slob style to luxe loungewear. Yes, dressing up takes time, but the right routine combined with the right outfit will make all the difference to what you get out of the day.

At Benedict Raven we have created a capsule wardrobe for every occasion, these go-to pieces are the perfect combination of comfort and style and will make the foundation of any lockdown attire.

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A simple pair of our denim jeans will become the core to your outfit. Crafted from a cotton-stretch blend, our Clifton jeans ensure comfort meets effortless style allowing for flexibility whilst retaining the slim shape. In the colours black and blue, these jeans will become your everyday staple and will allow you leave those tracksuit bottoms behind. Their stretch fit design allows a lot of give and will form the foundation for your home comfort. Comfortable does not have be pyjamas or a tracksuit. For lounging around, our suitably named Lounge T-shirt is perfect for casual coolness on it’s own or style underneath as a base layer.

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You can still radiate the same amount of class and sophistication when working remotely. For a Zoom business meeting or a Facetime conference call, try our Lounge T-Shirt underneath a one of our Blazers for a quick fix to instantly pull off sharp success. Invest in our Windsor blazer, for example, for the ultimate sartorial statement. Crafted in the UK from wool spun in England, it features a single-breasted silhouette and flap pocket design for a subtle structured approach. Wear with just about anything for a classic finish, whatever the occasion. Buy better, keep forever.

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Of course, with the winter months ahead, dress on trend with our merino knitwear collection. These soft garments are a warm, comfortable alterative to looking smart and ready for work or play. Our Soho Roll Neck, Eton V Neck and Henley Polo jumpers deliver effortless everyday style in the knowledge that you’re wearing one of only a few.

Why not treat yourself to something you can look forward to wearing. Get your first night out from lockout outfit sorted with items such as our Raven Tux, perfect for well-needed Christmas celebrations. With only 10 made, it really is our most exclusive piece. Hand made in Bristol from our own bespoke Raven design crafted in 100% silk you’ll be truly celebrating in style.

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2020’s been tough, and a little treat can go a long way. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it!